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PEOPLE BAND 1968 reissue CD Sleeve

People Band  1968 album  -  reissplus out-takes 2004. Recorded at Olympic studios.
Produced by Charlie Watts. EMANEM 4102. Original LP. Transatlantic TRA 214. Mel Davis, Terry Holman, George Khan, Frank Flowers, Tony Edwards, Mike Figgis, Eddie Edam, ue Russell Hardy, Lyn Dobson. Produced on my request by Charlie Watts of the Stones.

People Band Transatlantic album cover

The child's drawing of an Elephant used on the front of this CD was the People Band's original choice for the front cover of the LP. However Transatlantic objected and substituted with this elephant image

People Band 69/70

People Band  1969/70, Previously unreleased material. Double album CD of music from 1969/70. Tracks from in the studio in the woods & Amsterdam & other places.

Alterations Bead 9 Album cover

Alterations. Bead 9. Recorded 1978. Steve beresford, David Toop, Peter Cusack, Terry Day


K'Ploeng. Claxon 78.2. Recorded 1978. Maarten Altena, Derek Bailey, Tristian Honsinger, Michel Waisvisz, Maurice Horsthuis. 

Three & Four Pullovers

Three & Four Pullovers - quartet with Roger Smith, Nigel Coombs, Steve Beresford.
Recorded  1975  to  1978
EMANEM 4038.

Alterations  -  Voila Enough !

Alterations  -  Voila Enough !  quartet with David Toop, Pete Cusack, Steve Beresford.
Recorded  1979 to 1981.  released by Atavistic - Unheard Music Series. Produced by John Corbett. 

Alterations Live

Alterations Live - Live Recordings 1980-83. Intuitive records c/o Joergen Lekfeldt, Sportvaenget 7, DK-9230  Svenstrup, Denmark. E-mail: irecords@musician.org
Web: Intuitive Records. Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen production.

Groups in front of people No 2. Bead 15

Groups in front of people No 2. Bead 15 1979. Recorded 1978. Evan Parker, Paul Termos, Maarten Altena, Pete Cusack, Guus Janssen, Paul Lytton.

Alterations  Up Your Sleeve

Alterations. Up Your Sleeve. Quartz 006. Recorded 1980

The Promenaders

The Promenaders, Loxhawn Rondeaux (Lol Coxhill), soprano saxophone, vocals; Stuart Barfoot (Steve Beresford), euphonium, vocals; Steve Topp (David Toop), one string violin; Mike Simple (Max Eastley), one string violin; Derek Nyte (Terry Day), cello, percussion; Andre (Peter Cusack), guitar; Paulo 'sticks' Birrelli (Paul Burwell), drums; Violet Nightingale, guest chanteuse on 'Moon river'. Recorded live on Brighton Beach, probably 1981.

Promenaders. Film of promenaders for Channel 4. Recorded & filmed 1981.


Davey Payne. Davey Payne. Stiff Records New York 1981. Unreleased.

The Fairly Young Bean

The Fairly Young Bean  -  trio with John Russell & Maarten Altena. Recorded 1981.
EMANEM 4036 

LMC ..the first 25 years

LMC ..the first 25 years - track 3 : Peter Kowald & me in duo . recorded 24.01.81.    RES8.2CD compiled by Clive Bell.

LMC¥767673­..the first 25 years - track 9 :  MUMMY. Recorded  16 . 04. 82
RES8.2CD compiled by Clive Bell..


Altena, Russell, Day. Recorded 1982 for John Russell, Roger Turner, Anthony Wood records. Unreleased.

The Forty Nine Americans

The Forty Nine Americans. We know Nonsense. Chug 4. 1981. (1982 Quartz)


Liberace. Domestic music No2. Produced by Steve Broughton & myself, WeeMeeNit Studios 1983.
Side 1. Solo multi-tracking plus Katie Perks, Jerry Hunt.
Side 2. Solo multi-tracking plus Davey Payne, Charlie Hart, Paul Jolly, Ed Deane.


Horizon. Notes compilation cassette 1985. Produced by Phillippe Renaud 14 Allee des Myosotis 41000 Blois, France (Sweet Albert Ayler solo piano, solo alto).

Alterations My Favourite Animals

Alterations. My Favourite Animals Nato 280. Recorded 1984. Produced cover drawings.

Disorder on the Border

Terry Day produced the cover design for Disorder on the Border Charlie Hart, Gary Rickard, Geraint Watkins.         


Alterations. Raging Spool. N.M.E. 014. Recorded 1984. Compilation cassette


Summer. Film for Channel 4. Music by Mike Figgis including George Khan, John Porta, Terry Day. (1984).

Steve Beresford His Piano Orchestra

Steve Beresford His Piano Orchestra, featuring Deb'bora, Tony Coe, Terry Day
Eleven Song's for Doris Day. Jean Rochard's Chabada label. Recorded August 1985.
Eleven songs for Doris Day

Le Grande Amour

Le Grande Amour. Jean Rochard's Nato records (599). Recorded September 1985. Jean Francois Pauvros with Arto Linsay, Ted Milton, Terry Day multi-tracking my Lyrics Los Paranoidos (what to be in a-merry-car). jazz.discogs.com/release/756584         Les Allumes Du Jazz


Frog Dance. Film of Lol Coxhill including the Promenaders. 1985.


Dead Pidgeon. Film by Richard Philpot. Music by Max Eastley Paul Jolly, Terry Day.


Nato Callings. Nato & Chabada sampler. Recorded August 1985. Deb'bora, Steve Beresford, Terry Day (Lyrics).


Loverly. I.T.M. 1986. Maggie Nichols, Mel Davis, Paul Jolly, Chris Puleston, Tim Powell, & Terry Day cover design..

Les Mistrals

Les Mistrals. Recorded for Nato July 1986. Raymond Boni, Max Eastley, Terry Day. jazz.discogs.com/release/745628

Kazuko Hohki chante Brigitte Bardot

Kazuko Hohki chante Brigitte Bardot. With Steve Beresford his piano & orchestra, Annie Whitehead, Tony Coe, Jean Mereu, Cyril Lefebvre, Olly Blanchflower. Nato 1986.


ALTERNATE CAKE: various artists
Jean-Francois Pauvros: guitar; Arto Lindsay: guitar; Terry Day: drums.
1986 - (France), Nato 824 (LP)

Look At Me

Look At Me. Nato 1987. Tony Hymas, Tony Coe, Jean-Francios Pauvros, Max Eastley, Laura Davis, Chris Laurence, Jean-Pierre Arnoux, Yves Robert, Ed Deane, George Khan, Jean Mereu, Mal Davies. Album of my songs. Les Allumes Du Jazz.

Hamster Attack

Hamster Attack
Nato 1544, LP 1987; CD 1992
Jean-Francois Pauvros, Terry Day, Julian Fenton, Mary Genis, Martin Lawrence, Evan Parker, Frank Ricotti, Stan Sulzmann

Stormy Monday

Mike Figgis film Stormy Monday. 1988 Two tracks with the Krakow Jazz Ensemble. Charlie Hart bass, Davey Payne sax, Mel Davis piano, Paul Jolly sax, Terry Day drums.

Spirou Various musicians

Spirou Various musicians
A 2-CD set (formerly released as 2 LPs) intended as a kind of soundtrack for the characters that appear in the magazine Spirou:
Max Eastley, Arc, ukelele, guitar, keyboards, percussion; Terry Day, percussion, balloons; Michel Doneda, soprano saxophone; Jiair, voice; Liria Marre-Eastley, voice: Il est minuit Docteur Poche (05.37).
Recorded at Dave Hunt Audio Engineering.1989

Loverly Life  - the Lovely Band

Loverly Life  - the Lovely Band        33 Records  . Yadley & I make guest appearances on a number of tracks . Yadley  plays  percussion & vocalises. I play Bamboo pipes, percussion & also vocalise .    produced by  Lovely for 33 records  33WM 111
LC5469.  PRS/MCPS 1999.

The London Improvisers Orchestra 1999

The London Improvisers Orchestra is pretty much what it says .1999 EMANEM 4201 (double CD)

London Improvisers Orchestra 2004

London Improvisers Orchestra - The Hearing Continues . Recorded Gateway Studios september 4 2000. Yadley Day cover design. EMANEM 4203.

 Not necessarily "English music"

Electronic Music Foundation  2001? Not necessarily "English music" Curator David Toop. Various Musicians Track 12. The People Band [Terry Day; Mel Davis; Lyn Dobson; Eddie Edam; Tony Edwards; Mick Figgis; Frank Flowers; Terry Holman; Russ Herney; George Khan]: Part 3 (06.42); recorded London on 21 March 1968.

London Improvisers Orchestra  Large Groups.  Freedom of the city festival 2001

London Improvisers Orchestra  Large Groups.  Freedom of the city festival 2001 at Conway Hall.  Conduction and recitation of my lyric  'An If, But, To and When'  EMANEM4206.

London Improvisers Orchestra  --  Freedom of the City festival 2002

London Improvisers Orchestra  --  Freedom of the City festival 2002 at Conway Hall.
Conduction and recitation of my lyric 'RUTHLESS'.   
EMANEM 4090.

London Improvisers Orchestra 2003-4

London Improvisers Orchestra  -  Responses, Reproduction & Reality.
Freedom of the City  2003-2004 festivals at Conway Hall . I appear on 2004 festival

Black Chamber

David Toop - Black Chamber Label Sub Rosa, 2003
Woodwinds [Bamboo Reed Pipes] - Terr
y Day


INTERRUPTIONS  -  Terry Day solo & multitracked  pieces    -    plus three punk songs featuring Pete Cusack & Davey Payne.    EMANEM 4125.  Original. Domestic music No1. recorded 1982. Solo Multi-Tracked cassette album. 2006

Le Chronatoscaphe, Nato 574

Le Chronatoscaphe, Nato 574. Commemorative book/3CD package representing 25 years of nato and chabada.


2006 DUOS
TERRY DAY bamboo pipes, voice, etc
CHARLOTTE HUG viola, voice [1]
PHIL MINTONvoice [3]
JOHN RUSSELL guitar [5]

People Band  1968 album  -  reissue

People Band  1968 album  -  reissue plus out-takes 2004. Recorded at Olympic studios.
Produced by Charlie WattsEMANEM 4102. Original LP. Transatlantic TRA 214. Mel Davis, Terry Holman, George Khan, Frank Flowers, Tony Edwards, Mike Figgis, Eddie Edam, Russell Hardy, Lyn Dobson. Produced on my request by Charlie Watts of the Stones.

London & Glasgow improvisers orchestras

LONDON & GLASGOW IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRAS "Separately & Together" (2007) EMANEM 4219 The whole of a 2007 FREEDOM OF THE CITY festival concert which was the first meeting of these two orchestras.

People Band 69/70

People Band  1969/70, Previously unreleased material. Double album CD of music from 1969/70. Tracks from in the studio in the woods & Amsterdam & other places.